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We are now in 54 countries and have over 1000 certified instructors, taking the world by storm! We have classes running from Sweden to Texas to the Maldives, and you could run a class too!

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who can run classes?

anyone with access to a pool or water can run a class, including health clubs, local authorities and trusts, colleges & universities and hotels

why add FloatFit to your timetable?

  • Introduce a unique and innovative concept
  • Attract new demographic to the swimming pool and increase footfall
  • Increase member acquisition, retention and engagement
  • Minimum storage and easy installation
  • Awareness on social media from a unique product
  • Don’t just take our word for it! See what existing pools say about FloatFit

Steps to becoming a venue

Customise your package based on the size of your pool, equipment and training needs. We offer quantity discounts.

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training at your facility

We can come to you!

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We offer training in many venues around Europe

online training

Become an instructor by using our e-learning tool

All venues with certified instructors will have access to our Online Portal and Ongoing support (*T&C’s) including:

  • Education resources
  • Effective Marketing support and materials
  • New class releases
  • Instructional videos and images
  • Online exercise library
  • Access to our ‘Class Finder’. Add your FloatFit class time, locations and photos to our website
  • Unlimited email and phone support

How to timetable the class

  • FloatFit class: 30 minutes
  • Set-up: 10 minutes
  • Close-down: 5 minutes


  • We will recommend the best tethering system based on the dimensions of your pool
  • Our tethering system is normally attached to lane line hooks. Alternatively we can supply suction pads

FloatFit is a great way to engage our customers and an exciting addition to our fitness programme; the class impressively attracts the gym user as well as swimmers to participate. The AquaBase successfully attracts onlookers, to see 20 AquaBase in action, fab!

London Aquatics Centre, Olympic Park

We made our investment back in 12 weeks which exceeded all expectations!

Happier Life, Netherlands