A 30 minute full body class.

Includes squats, mountain climbers and lunges. Exercises are continually challenged by the constant movement of the water. FloatFit HIIT Classes provide levels of difficulty to suit all abilities.

Burn calories

Improve balance

Build muscular strength

Have fun

Quarterly programme releases and monthly updates ensure content is fresh and participants keep returning.

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We are all laughing and smiling despite the muscle burn. There is just something infectiously fun about splashing about and trying your best to balance.

SHAPE, Singapore

I could feel where it was working my muscles, joints and core, making it the ideal cross-training class.

The Evening Standard, United Kingdom

You train your deep muscles and balance much more intensively than during your workout in the studio.

Cosmopolitan, Germany

If you are a fitness fiend, I urge you to give this workout a go. It not only helps you shed a few points (thanks to the HIIT moves), but the water resistance also helps intensify muscle toning, increases flexibility and enhances posture.

Vogue, India

Would you like to run classes at your swimming pool? Contact us for more information