FloatFit classes

FloatFit classes are 30 minutes – all on water!

These low impact classes give a fun full body workout, with a mixture of high intensity and yoga-inspired classes to suit all abilities.

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Away from congested studios, FloatFit classes are effective for everyone from inactive to energetic!

what are the benefits?

  • Help to attract new members and retain existing members
  • Increase sales revenue by introducing a new class
  • Deliver a new and exciting way to exercise
  • Take classes away from congested studios

we offer FloatFit classes all around the world

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FloatFit is a great way to engage our customers and an exciting addition to our fitness programme; the class impressively attracts the gym user as well as swimmers to participate. The AquaBase successfully attracts onlookers, to see 20 AquaBase in action, fab!

London Aquatics Centre, Olympic Park

We made our investment back in 12 weeks which exceeded all expectations!

Happier Life, Netherlands