FloatFit BALANCE2018-11-06T12:01:12+01:00


30 minutes designed to boost mental wellbeing and challenge balance. Merging breath and movement to strengthen body and mind.

Participants improve body imbalances and strengthen core stability.

Increase flexibility

Build general fitness

Improve wellbeing

Enhance core stability

Quarterly programme releases and monthly updates ensure content is fresh and participants keep returning.

become an instructor

Water yoga is now a thing and this is the best fitness class you have never thought of.

MTV, United Kingdom

You definitely do not need to be a yogi to enjoy it and get a good workout.

The Daily Telegraph, Australia

The shockingly hard new yoga class everyone is talking about.


You will be having too much fun on the water to realise you are actually working out.

Singapore Motherhood, Singapore

Would you like to run classes at your swimming pool? Contact us for more information

What is FloatFit BALANCE?2018-10-01T13:52:05+01:00

A yoga and pilates inspired programme designed to centre the mind and challenge balance.

Who can participate?2018-10-01T13:49:46+01:00

Suitable for all ages and abilities. Must be water confident.

What should I wear?2018-10-01T13:57:16+01:00

Normal gym wear.

Where can I find my nearest FloatFit Class?2018-10-01T13:59:09+01:00


To run FloatFit Classes please contact us. 


How long are FloatFit Classes?2018-09-21T14:36:31+01:00

30 minutes.

I am pregnant, can I participate in a FloatFit Class?2018-09-21T14:37:48+01:00

Wdo not recommend taking a FloatFit Class if you are pregnant.

What do I need to bring?2018-10-01T14:01:49+01:00

A change of clothes, towel and water.

Is FloatFit suitable for beginners?2018-10-01T14:03:26+01:00

FloatFit Classes are for all ages and abilities. Instructors adapt the exercises.

How many calories can I burn in a FloatFit Class?2018-10-01T14:07:01+01:00

It varies. Up to 400 per class.

How much are FloatFit Classes?2018-10-01T14:08:17+01:00

Contact locations for information about prices.

How can I become a FloatFit BALANCE Instructor?2018-10-01T14:10:16+01:00

Complete Online Training. A FloatFit HIIT certificate is required.

Where can I run FloatFit Classes?2018-10-01T14:12:20+01:00

Anywhere there is water.