FloatFit Online Instructor Training


Add FloatFit to your teaching skills set!

Help us to meet the growing demand for FloatFit classes all around the world. Taking the fitness world by storm!

What you need:

  • Personal Training, Yoga or Pilates Qualification
  • Access to an AquaBase

The Training consists of:

  • Theory with Downloadable FloatFit Instructor Training Manual
  • Multiple Choice Exam
  • Video Assessment

After passing the Exam and Video Assessment you will receive certification and have access to the closed section on our Website for trained FloatFit instructors only.

Here you will find useful information including:

  • Marketing Materials
  • New Class Programmes
  • Instructional Videos and Images
  • Online Exercise Library

Pre-Requisites *

We need to ensure that you are qualified to take this course. Please upload your Personal Training, Yoga or Pilates Qualification.

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Instructor Agreement *

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How much is Online FloatFit Instructor Training? 2017-03-02T11:14:31+00:00

It is US$349.00.

Is Online FloatFit Instructor Training available internationally? 2017-03-02T11:13:40+00:00

Yes, it is available in every country.

Is Online FloatFit Instructor Training available in my language? 2017-03-02T11:13:16+00:00

It is only available in English at the moment. Other languages will follow depending on demand.

What are the pre-requisites for Online FloatFit Instructor Training? 2017-03-02T11:12:44+00:00

A Personal Training qualification is needed. A copy of this will need to be uploaded to AquaPhysical.

How long does Online FloatFit Instructor Training take? 2017-03-02T11:12:16+00:00

The training, including filming the mandatory practical assessment, is 12 hours.

How is the Online FloatFit Instructor Training assessed? 2017-03-02T11:11:50+00:00

Assessment is through a multiple choice exam and submission of a video showing the trainee taking a FloatFit class.

How long does it take to become a fully qualified instructor once online training is started? 2017-03-02T11:11:26+00:00

Once paid for, the Theory Exam and Practical Assessment will take approximately 12 hours. Once both parts have been submitted and approved, certification will be received within immediately. Once qualified and certification is received teaching of FloatFit classes can start and access to our Online Instructor Portal will be available.

Am I required to have an AquaBase to complete Online FloatFit Instructor Training? 2017-03-02T11:10:21+00:00

Yes, at least one AquaBase is required to take a FloatFit class for video submission for assessment.

What percentage do I have to achieve to pass the exam? 2017-03-02T11:09:49+00:00

80% is needed in the Theory Exam to pass this section.

What happens if I fail the Online FloatFit Instructor Training? 2017-03-02T11:09:26+00:00

If the Theory Exam is failed AquaPhysical will review it. A decision will then be made as to whether a second attempt can be made. This exam needs to be passed before access to the rest of the Training is allowed.

How many times can I take the Online FloatFit Instructor Training? 2017-03-02T11:08:54+00:00

We require a high standard to pass our FloatFit Instructor Training and it will be at the discretion of AquaPhysical whether a second attempt at taking the exam is possible

Will the Online FloatFit Instructor Training certify me to teach FloatFit HIIT and FloatFit YOGA? 2017-03-02T11:08:20+00:00

No, it will certify you to teach FloatFit HIIT only.

What is the Online FloatFit Portal? 2017-03-02T11:07:25+00:00

This is a community of FloatFit instructors and Clubs & Facilities running

FloatFit classes. The following information is included in the portal:

  • Ongoing Marketing Support and Materials
  • New Class Programmes
  • Instructional Videos and Images
  • Online Exercise Library
  • A ‘Class Finder’ section. Add your FloatFit class times, locations and photos.
  • Unlimited email and phone support
How do I access to the FloatFit Online Portal? 2017-03-02T11:06:20+00:00

Access to the FloatFit Online Portal is available after successfully completing FloatFit Instructor Training.

How long after completing Online FloatFit Instructor Training do I have to wait until having access to the FloatFit Online Portal? 2017-03-02T11:06:29+00:00

After receiving certification, access will be immediate. Certification will be received immediately after successfully completing training.