Meet the Team: Tom (Founder)

After getting to know aquaphysical Creator and Founder, Leila, in our last meet the team blog, we chatted to Founder, Tom, about his guiltiest pleasures, health and fitness tips, and of course… the best things about working at aquaphysical.


What makes you happiest?

I love to ski – holidays away skiing make me very happy.


What is your earliest memory?

Taking part in a dressage horse riding competition. My horse was decorated as Thomas the Tank Engine and I fell off!


What is the worst job you’ve ever done?

Installing fibreglass insulation! It was a job I had whilst I saved to travel after college. I will not be crawling around lofts any time soon… hopefully!


What is your guiltiest pleasure?



What can’t you live without?

Gadgets and technology – especially Apple products.


If you could have one super power, what would it be?

To fly or breathe under water…




How do you like to keep fit and healthy?

Playing rugby and exercising at the gym. On water or on land!


What is your best health and fitness tip?

Keep your exercise short and sharp. Eat what once ran, swam or flew.


Who inspires you in the fitness industry?

Any Paralympian. I find it amazing how these athletes can perform pretty much every sport at a world class standard, no matter what is trying to stop them.


Which celebrity would you love to do a FloatFit class with?

Justin Bieber. I would take photos of him singing on the aquabase – that would certainly add stir things up again in the AquaPhysical world!


What is your favourite exercise on the aquabase?

Squats. You’re either good at them or you fall in. It’s amazing how quickly you adapt to the way the aquabase moves on the water. Doing squats is the exercise where this is most apparent.




What is the best thing about working at aquaphysical?

I love seeing all these different clubs around the world. Whether it be in Devon or Dubai – it’s all very interesting.


Which is your favourite place that you’ve visited with an aquabase?

Palawan, El Nido – Philippines. Its somewhere I had never thought about visiting until a friend suggested it at the beginning of the year. The scenery is incredible and so are the people. Quite a long trip though for 10 days. We were in the Philippines a few weeks before our floatfit video went viral. If that had happened before leaving for El Nido we could not have gone. Very lucky.




Where do you most want to travel but have never been?

Norway, not on an aquabase though… Too cold! I would love to see the Northern lights.


What is your greatest achievement?

Creating a product that has made a positive impact globally in the health and fitness world – taking our original mission statement to reality.


What is the best advice you have ever received?

If it was easy then everyone would do it.



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