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where can you run classes?

  • health clubs
  • leisure centres
  • indoor and outdoor pools
  • sheltered open water
  • hospitals

we provide a rigging system and have quantity purchase options for the aquabase®

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taster session

try out a floatfit® class

taster sessions are for 16 people
2 classes of 8 people
based on using half a 25 metre pool
only in the UK at the moment

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the aquabase® is the perfect platform for rehabilitation

use the natural movement of water to:

strengthen muscle weakness
correct overall balance
aid joint recovery
boost motivation and confidence

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other uses

the aquabase® can be used anywhere

alternate uses for the aquabase include:

private pools
marine use
water safety
super yachts
cruise ships
flood survival

clubs & facilities

want to run a floatfit® class?

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